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Who am I?

Hello! My name is MIkenna Fuit and I'd like to welcome you to my page! I'm currently a student at Boise State University working towards a major in the Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technologies degree, or GIMM for short, and a minor in Film & TV Arts. I'm interested in producing entertainment of any kind, whether it be making a movie, game, or music; I want to do it.

Through my degrees, I've been able to gain experience in the art world working with programs like Blender and Maya. Along with those, I've been able to improve my video editing skills, and even put them into practice working with a marketing company. I've also worked with game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine 4 and have gained an understanding of various coding languages such as C# and Javascript.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope to get in touch with you soon!


Check out MY PROJECTS!

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